I’ve been helping people for many years both as a therapist, teacher and wholistic practitioner. I offer services that can help you find ways to improve your physical and mental health. My goal is simple: to help you feel better and live life more fully.

Most people would agree that they want to be in good health, yet a healthy life seems to be a challenge for many of us in this fast paced stressful world.

If you are a health conscious individual who wants to get results, my wholistic practice may be of help to you if you want…

  • To develop strategies to improve your health naturally
  • To reduce the effects of stress in your daily life
  • To feel better and have more energy
  • To improve a health condition that does not seem to resolve itself with traditional medicine

I offer services that help you resolve problems and health concerns using modalities such as Reiki, BodyTalk™ , Signature Cell Healing, and Counselling. Evidence is mounting that the body’s energies are involved in physical and emotional problems and that working with the body’s energy system can shift your brain in a way that helps overcome many types of problems.

Some of my practice includes working with autoimmune diseases such as allergies, food intolerances, arthritis, and fibromyalgia but I also work with people who want to learn strategies to reduce stress and to develop better self care methods. Other individuals I help are those who want to improve abilities in performance situations (e.g. sports, exam writing, and public speaking).

Thank-you so much for visiting my website. Feel free to contact me.

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